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Newsletter #3

While the holidays can be fun for some, I find it a super stressful time of year. I had a great Thanksgiving with my family (and I hope you did too), and now it’s time to get into holiday party mode. In this month’s newsletter, I’ve included our newest pieces, a healthy little restaurant that caters parties, a day to night holiday party look as well as a new organization for new moms where you can give back if that’s one of your new goals. As always, I love to hear from you, so always feel free to send me an email!



I believe I spotted my first Art Deco vanity/powder box in an antique store in Manhattan many years ago when I was an interior designer. The vintage powder box on the far left was the one that inspired me to design my signature locket. I loved the idea of a square shape with a gold and diamond overlay. A little different than the lockets you’re seeing right now. Square photos are also very modern and relevant to the rise of Instagram photos.



I am always searching for the right catering for more intimate events both at home and at work. We invited magazine editors to our showroom a few weeks ago to preview our collection and ordered avocado toast from a healthy new spot called Honey Brains. I was hesitant as to how they would last, but they were delicious, perfectly seasoned and lasted most of the day. We also had some of their green juices on hand that the editors could take on the go – yum! It was a really great food choice for morning entertaining.



Anyone who tells that you that motherhood is easy is lying. I recently heard about The Motherhood Center in Manhattan and was blown away by what they’re doing for new moms. The Motherhood Center provides supportive services for new and expecting moms, including a range of treatment options for women suffering from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. They have support groups for new mothers, individual therapy, or a day program for moderate to severe PMADs. The facilities are beautiful and more importantly, it is full of women who really and truly care about the mothers that step inside. I really could have used something like this when I had my daughter 10 years ago. So wonderful that it now exists for new moms.



1. DWJ Hexagonal Diamond Studs with Black Diamond Halo 2. Empire Necklace with Black Diamonds 3. Rafe Vivienne Faceted Minaudière Bag 4. Dolce & Gabbana Wool and Silk Trousers 5.Scale Stack Rings 6. Marbled Agate Cocktail Ring 7.ALAÏA Velvet Ankle-Strap Sandals 8. ALC Holloway Sequin Trench Jacket

I love all the sequins I’m seeing this Fall/Winter. Something about sparkle always makes me happy. I also love that I am now allowed to wear white in the winter. Love anything black and white. This is my favorite holiday look for all those upcoming holiday parties. Wear something different on top and then just layer over the dress with heels for evening and pair with some beautiful jewelry.


My grandmother and great-grandmother died very young. My grandmother who I never knew, died at 58. The closer I get to that number, I realize just how young it was. Apparently, in many ways, I am a lot like her, but from the sounds of it she was a much bigger risk taker when it came to personal style. Many said she was a bit like Auntie Mame. She would pick my Mother up from school with a long cigarette holder and be blowing smoke in the teacher’s faces calling them “DAHLING”. Got to love it! She left a lot of her jewelry to my mother and over the years, my mother would redesign some of the pieces. Many she kept. She would teach me about redesigning jewelry and the 4 C’s, and she let me redesign my first piece when I was about 10 years old. My mother also worked at a friend’s jewelry store part-time, and I would sit on the floor while she worked and draw jewelry. Jewelry has always been in my life. Over the years, and with my background studying interiors and decorative arts, I began to collect and sometimes sell vintage jewelry. While I absolutely love creating new, modern jewelry, vintage jewelry is still a passion of mine, which is why I am excited to introduce to you, my collection of repurposed vintage brooches that I turned into pendants. Each one is unique and with its own personality. The Art Deco black onyx one was open, and I backed it in onyx and repeated the gallery on the back and added a bail for the chain. To view the collection in person, please make an appointment to come see them in our showroom.

The other exciting news is that at 40 years old, my mother finally allowed me to get a double pierce in my ear. Just kidding, I didn’t need her permission, but I was a little scared still to show her. After I got my piercings, I realized that my collection definitely needed some fun mini studs for second holes or just for the person that loves a small stud. I am SO excited to show you the first few designs for sale on our website soon (or email us for purchase information), and a few more designs coming right before the holidays (we will notify by newsletter). Enjoy!

As always, we are here for you for anything you need. Whether it’s a custom piece of jewelry, a viewing appointment or even a question about any of my recommendations, please feel free to reach out.