Custom Bespoke Design


If you are interested in creating a unique one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, repurposing old stones from jewelry you no longer wear or looking for a unique engagement ring or wedding band, we would love to create it for you. To get started please fill out our questionnaire.
“Creating custom jewelry is the most rewarding part of my business. I love the intimate process and love seeing the transformation from our first meeting. More rewarding is the happiness the final product brings my clients!”

Custom Design Questionnaire

“Creating custom jewelry is the most rewarding part of my business. I love the intimate process and love seeing the transformation from our first meeting. More rewarding is the happiness the final product brings my clients!”



This stone was brought to me by a dealer who had bags of vintage stones from her father’s jewelry business back in the 1930s, 40s and 50s. He passed away and left her with the parcels. As I was digging through some black onyx, I spotted this amazing blue stone. I asked her if she knew what it was and she didn’t. I brought to my jeweler and was told it was an almost 10 carat sapphire probably removed from a man’s ring from the 1940s. I knew I had to have it immediately and add it to my one-of-a-kind collection.

I flipped the ring so that the faceted side was on top, typically the flat side would be the top of the ring. I then purchased all her vintage baguettes because I only wanted the setting to be new and nothing else. Then to keep the ring in place and showcase the beauty of the ring, I wanted it to be open on the sides and pronged in a way that still exposed light and just touched the stone. This ring was featured on Emma Thompson’s hand as her wedding ring, in the entire movie, Late Night with Mindy Kaling, as well as many other of my pieces. The ring sold shortly after. It’s truly one of my favorite designs and working with unique and vintage stones is what I love to do the most.


This client was celebrating a significant wedding anniversary and occasion for their family, so they wanted to redesign her engagement ring with a halo and additional side stone.

Each diamond in the halo was custom cut to fit her stone and the design perfectly. The side stones added an extra dimension, yet kept the look simple and elegant. An Art Deco fish scale open gallery was added under the center diamond as an extra detail, finished by Doryn’s signature ribbed band.

“Thank you again and again. It’s exceeded any expectations I had. It’s a work of art.”


Our client had a necklace she didn’t wear and wanted to reuse the stones to create two pieces of jewelry she would wear every day.

She was seeking an everyday ring that was simple, comfortable and modern. A simple yellow gold setting with Doryn’s signature ribbed gold in matte finish was designed specifically for her blue sapphire trillion.

Doryn used the diamonds from the client’s necklace to create a custom octagon bracelet. Additional diamonds were added to create the eternity setting effect, with diamonds on all sides.

“I always mention you when people ask about my ring and bracelet. You are so talented and I love your work!”


A client came to us with her grandmother’s diamond ring and band, which were connected to each other. She wanted a cocktail ring, made with her grandmother’s diamond, that she could wear every day as well as two additional bands to wear with it, or separately.

A ribbed, octagonal solitaire setting with double prongs was created for her grandmother’s diamond. The second ring became a classic eternity band, with diamonds and milgrain – a texture technique used in vintage jewelry. The use of yellow gold gives the eternity band a more modern twist. The third ring became a unique stacking ring, set with custom cut tapered baguettes and kite shaped onyx.

“Doryn, thank you so much for transforming my grandmother’s rings. I know she would be thrilled as well, and I look forward to being able to wear them regularly — it will be like having her with me. It was a pleasure to work with you and your team! I hope to have future opportunities to need more fabulous jewelry in my life … Thank you so much.”


One of our signature cocktail rings. Our client wanted a green tourmaline. We sourced the rough tourmaline at the Tucson Gem Show. The tourmaline was custom cut and the ring was designed around the stone. A custom tourmaline baguette was added to the side.


Another client loved our signature empire ring, but wanted a blue sapphire. We scoured New York City’s top gem dealers to find the perfect blue sapphire cabochon, which needed to fall within the right budget, right size, and display the perfect shade of deep blue.